Auto Super Shoppe Silverdale  provide clutch servicing or repair depending on the requirements of your vehicle.

Your vehicle will need clutch repairs mainly if your car has a manual transmission. Depending on your driving habits, your clutch can last between 4-7 years. A common cause of breakdowns and roadside rescue is a slipping or worn clutch. If it fails, the flywheel can be damaged. As a result, more expense is added to an already serious mechanical fault.

Warning Signs of failing Clutch:

  • Shuddering when taking off

  • Difficulty changing gears

  • Noisy gear shifts

  • The clutch pedal response has diminished.

  • High revs from a standing start or going up hills

Our mechanics at Auto Super Shoppe Silverdale are expertly trained to diagnose these problems. We can service, repair or replace your clutch if it is needed.

Our Clutch repairs include:

  • Checking the free-play (adjustment) in the clutch cable

  • Adjusting your clutch cable if necessary

  • Checking clutch fluid (hydraulic system)

  • Road testing your vehicle

We can complete a clutch adjustment in less than 10 minutes.

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