Car batteries Auto Super Shoppe NZ – What Are the Symptoms of Dead Cell on a Car Battery?  A telltale sign that one or more cells is not producing sufficient amperage comes when the vehicle is reluctant to start, or “turn over,” to get the motor running. If the car starts and runs fine when the […]

Car Brakes Silverdale – In the age of planned obsolescence, we all dream of durable and resilient products that are repairable rather than expendable. What if we told you there is a way to extend the life of your vehicle parts? With regular brake inspections, you’re doing more than ensuring part longevity, you’re investing in your safety. […]

Car service Auto Super Shoppe NZ.  Its a new year with new resolutions and with it the question comes – how often should my car be serviced?  These days, most modern vehicles pop a light up on the dashboard to remind you that your car is due for a service.  However, what if your car is a […]

Holiday Safety – When it comes to holiday travel, airports and flying get a lot of the attention. But the majority of people who travel during the holidays pack up the car and drive to their destinations. Before starting the journey, drivers should do some car maintenance and prepare for safe driving. Here are some tips […]

Shocks Repairs Silverdale – Every car, truck, and utility vehicle sold today has at least one shock absorber (informally known as a shock) for each of its wheels. Note that sometimes these shocks are called struts. A strut is simply a shock absorber that is located inside a coil spring, the name is different but the […]

Car service Auto Super Shoppe NZ – If you look after your car properly, you’ll be far less likely to get hefty repair bills in the future. Find out why your car’s service manual is your best friend, how to locate a good garage and get a fair price. How often should a car be […]

Radiator Auto Super Shoppe New Zealand – The radiator is one of the principal components of your car’s cooling system. A properly functioning heater will help maintain cooler temperatures that will help keep your engine’s temp in check. If the radiator fails, it will spell disaster for your motor, because it keeps the internal components at a […]

Oil change Auto Super Shoppe NZ – Look on the shelves in auto parts stores and you’ll see oils labeled for all kinds of specific purposes: high-tech engines, new cars, higher-mileage vehicles, heavy-duty/off-road SUV’s.  In addition, you’ll see a wide selection of viscosities. If you read your owner’s manual, you’ll know what the car manufacturer […]

Exhaust Auto Super Shoppe NZ – How to identify car exhaust issues, that is the question.  Exhaust systems in cars cool the engine and keeps the environment safe from harmful gases. Even in small doses carbon monoxide can be very harmful.   The exhaust system on your vehicle is probably more significant than you would think. […]

Tyres Auto Super Shoppe NZ – If you’re looking for a great deal on tyres and want good quality backed up by excellent service you’ve come to the right place! Whether it’s a tyre replacement or a full set of new car tyres, Auto Super Shoppe’s tyre fitters will get you back on the road […]

Car brakes Auto Super Shoppe NZ – every driver should know how to check for problems with car brakes. Warped rotors, leaky brake hoses, and squeaky brakes are among the most common. Are the brakes on your car squealing, is the car pulling to one side, or is there a giant puddle on the garage […]

Car battery Auto Super Shoppe NZ – Understanding how to keep your car battery from going dead, could save you a lot of time, money and frustration. Birds have to fly, fish have to swim, and batteries have to die. Whether it’s a parasitic drain, normal self-discharge, or simply wearing out, the ways a battery […]

WOF Auto Super Shoppe NZ – we want to get you back on the road as soon as possible. To help give your car the best possible chance of passing your WOF – we’ll show you a few tips and tricks to help you get your car through its WOF and back on the road. […]

Car brakes Auto Super Shoppe NZ – We offer a comprehensive brake service to make sure your braking systems are working optimally for safety and vehicle performance. Car brakes are one of the most important vehicle systems so regular brake repair and maintenance work is essential. Whether it’s new brake pads, brake discs, brake drums, a […]

Car Batteries Silverdale – “If I only knew sooner.” Yep, we’ve all been there before. Fortunately, there are a few symptoms that may indicate your battery needs attention. Before it’s too late. Slow engine crank When you attempt to start the vehicle, the cranking of the engine is sluggish and takes longer than normal to start. […]

Tyres Silverdale – Tyres are put under tremendous strains when a car is being driven.   There are only four relatively small areas of tyre tread in contact with the road. They carry the car’s total weight.  Then they transmit to the road the power that drives and accelerates it over the many changes of […]

It sounds like the plot to a summer blockbuster movie. A destructive force grows undetected, lurking just out of sight. Then it attacks, causing extensive—and expensive—damage. This isn’t a movie, though. It’s what’s happening in car engines coast-to-coast. The destructive force? Engine sludge. That’s the name given to motor oil that breaks down, thickens, and […]

Make sure you have a Warrant of Fitness in Silverdale WoF is a common term used in New Zealand when talking about vehicles. However, not everyone knows what a WoF means. A Warrant of Fitness, commonly shortened to WoF is a vehicle check that needs to be completed. This regular check is done by your local […]

It is so easy to try and take on your own car repairs. However, there are just a few things to know before taking on your own DIY car repairs. The experts of car repairs in Silverdale are able to enlighten you in how to know your limits. It may not always be cheaper In […]

An oil change is an essential when it comes to vehicle maintenance. If you want to help keep your vehicle running smoothly, then it needs to be brought in for servicing on a regular basis. An oil change should be part of that service. What happens when you don’t take my car in for an […]

When it comes to the choice of tyres in Silverdale, the Auto Super Shoppe Group have you covered As with most things in this life, tyres come in many different varieties. And also like most other things, the best for quality and value will rise above all the other crap out there at the end […]

If you are worried about your car, and need someone to look at your radiator in Silverdale, then come see us at the Auto Super shoppe Group! When people think of a radiator, then they usually think of a radiator in a house. This is very different from a car’s radiator! Whereas a home radiator is designed to […]

Like your body needs blood, your engine needs oil! It’s an absolutely vital part of a vehicle’s operation. Without oil, things will go wrong. Very wrong. If you need an oil change in Silverdale, then come see us. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate! Why get an oil change? Oil acts as a lubricant […]

If you’re looking for a Warrant of Fitness in Silverdale, then we are the guys to call! From the start of last year, the New Zealand government made it compulsory for every car on the roads to have a full Warrant of Fitness. This must be reissued every 12 months, or in the case of older […]

Your tyres should always be inflated to the correct pressure, and that doesn’t mean just pumping them until they’re ready to burst. Over-inflated tyres are just as bad as under-inflated. Tyres at the correct pressure will not only save you money at the pump, but they’re also safer for you and other road users. Your […]

Did you know a basic automotive service in Silverdale can help save money in at the pump? Petrol may have dropped in price recently, but I think we all know it’s going to go up again at some point. You can get more for your dollar at the pump with simple automotive service in Silverdale […]

Just like the human body, cars have certain components and parts and it will not function properly if any of these components are broken or malfunctioning. Among the most crucial components in any vehicle is the radiator. Without it, you cannot simply use your car. It helps if you know at least the functions of […]

Car Servicing is an essential component of stopping our car from suddenly breaking down on us. Unfortunately, many people think that because they’ve had their WoF, then car servicing isn’t a necessity. Some people may find it surprising that the two aren’t the same, and having a Warrant of Fitness doesn’t mean you can skip […]

It’s a surprising fact that most families will spend more on fuel for their cars than they do on energy bills in the home. The easiest way of course to bring these bills down is to stop driving as much. It’s a nice idea to take public transport or walk, but we all know sometimes […]

When people think of a radiator, then they usually think of a radiator in a house. This is very different from a car’s radiator! Whereas a home radiator is designed to keep a room warm, a radiator in a car actually does the opposite; it cools the engine down. The engine in your vehicle will […]

If you’re searching for tyres in Silverdale, then you’ve come to the right place. As part of the Auto Supper Shoppe Group, you know we have the highest standard of equipment, staff and practices. Your tyres are arguably the most important part of your vehicle. Why? Because they are your only contact with the ground. […]